Windowsill Orchids Flasking Lab
​​​​Windowsill Orchid Flasking Lab
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We are a west coast central Florida orchid grower that offers flasking services.  We will flask your orchid seed pod. For the best results the flasks will not be mailed back to you.  We have no of control of the box being tossed around during shipping, which will break up the agar medium in which the seeds have been spread upon.  We will hold onto your flasks until the seeds have germinated and the very small orchid plants begin to grow.  At this time the "mother flask" needs to be replated into a different agar medium and the plants spread out in order for them to begin growing into "baby" plants.  At this point there is usually between 12-15 plants per flask.  After the replating is done and the plants begin growing the flasks could be mailed out as they are now a little stronger and are somewhat more able to withstand the box being tossed about.  When you receive these flasks they need to be kept under lighting, not direct sunlight.  (We use a metal rack with florescent lights).  When the plants are between one and two inches tall (depending on the species of the orchid) the "puck" of the agar medium is now able to be put into a "community pot" with the proper growing bark for that orchid.  A community pot is what the first transplanting of your baby orchids into the bark medium is called.

We are available at any point of this process to assist you in achieving the maximum yeild of plants.

We are members of the American Orchid Society, International Phalaenopsis Organization and the Spring Hill Orchid Club.

Weeki Wachee, Hernando County, Florida



Windowsill Orchid Flasking Lab