Windowsill Orchids Flasking Lab
​​​​Windowsill Orchid Flasking Lab
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About Us

I have had a love affair with orchids since the 1980's.  Back then it was just a flower to make my man-cave look a little more friendly.  I soon became hooked on the wide variety of colors and scents that they have to offer.  In 1998 I purchased a large white/yellow Cattleya for my girlfriend.  It was a C. Hiawiian Jewel, which is a very large and extremely fragrant orchid.  She loved it and became hooked also.  Our collection soon grew to well over 200 plants of varying colors, species, scents and sizes.  
I got into flasking after a few years of collecting.  I offered my flasking services to quite a few local orchid companies.  I soon had my formula of orchid seed medium perfected.  
In 2005 we took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity and moved to our lakefront property in Minnesota.  We brought all of the orchids and flasks with us, but soon realized that we were just not going to be able to have the greenhouse we wanted.  So we contacted Bud, from Florida Native Orchids, who said send them all to me.  So all of our beloved orchids, except for our award winning B. Nadosa were sent back to Florida.  2005 marked another milestone as we were married in our brand new home, with all the fall colors offering their beauty.  We enjoyed our life on the lake until the work load became too much after an injury.  So once again we packed up and planned our next move, this time back to Florida.  

Here we are now in 2017 and our collection is growing.  We have a small greenhouse and are beginning our flasking service once again.  

The love of orchids is contagious, watch out!

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